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Re: Google + MySpace = Nail in the Microsoft Search Coffin?

__/ [ John Bokma ] on Wednesday 09 August 2006 07:51 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2006/07/28.html

In retrospect, I ought to have pointed out that this notion and existence of
/competition/ proves why it's helpful to all. Rather than pay for a search
service, MySpace was getting some generous rewards (big bang for the buck)
merely to accept a service. Some Web hosts are being showered with gifts as
well, but the issue in that domain (pun) is that Apache is a non-profit
project, so guess who can put up a show (e.g. GoDaddy and their millions of
parked domain)? Clients are besieged, owing/due to ransoms and bribery
(depends how you look at it). It poses a high entry barrier in the face of
smaller companies (startup) that are very ambitious, but rarely get the
change to develop. Ultimately, they get absorbed by giants.


This reminds me of a part of an interview last week. The Google recruiter
said that ideas at Google, as well as motivation, come from within rather
than from above (management). She used Google Earth as an example and I told
her it was an acquisition (Keyhole). I can't remember what she said next,
but it was rather funny.

> I often try to guess what links like the above are about, and I was right
> :-D We read too many of the same pages Roy :-D

I don't want to rave too much (it already feels strange as it is), but
Godin's publisher (that's the guy who told Google to give Joel the
appliance) recently contacted. She offered a free book (preprint) of Godin's
next publication.

> (BTW, I promise to start reading bits on your blog :-D )

*smile* I read yours regularly. The pictorial richness makes it a lot of fun.
No changes in your XML for a while. I look forward to some journeys and
tarantula photos. No news from the 'office'... but there is plenty of
spidering going on.

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