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[News] Linux for Teenagers

Safe Computers For Teens: Linux Might Be The Answer

,----[ Quote ]
| I decided to consider something that I had never before considered. LINUX!
| I picked up another Pentium III (this one was a bit more powerful than
| her old laptop) desktop for under $100.00. I added some old memory that
| I had sitting on a shelf. I downloaded SUSE Linux and went to work.
| I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the installation was! There was
| very little interaction and my choices were very simple. In about 30
| minutes, I had a working computer connected to the internet.
| There are a few things with which I was very pleased. It was running
| very well with the old hardware. If I had used Windows XP I would have
| been forced to get a newer computer and spend hundreds of dollars. The
| operating system came with a browser (Firefox) and complete offices
| oftware (OpenOffice ? which is compatible with Microsoft Office
| products). There was also a very nice instant messaging tool that
| allows her to use many different IM clients in one piece of software.I
| t had CD ripping and burning software as well as several audio programs.
| On top of that, the operating system and all the software were FREE!
| Now I know most of the people reading this are thinking, "Ok, we have
| another anti Microsoft guy here". That is absolutely not true. I am aW
| indows and web developer by trade and use Microsoft products exclusively
| (except for using Firefox as a browser when testing).


I'm not sure if I read it before somewhere else...

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