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Re: Printer friendly pages - sort of Duplicate content . . . . ?

__/ [ Sky High ] on Wednesday 09 August 2006 11:17 \__

> Hi Group,
> I have recently put up a site and Internet Explorer sucks when it comes to
> making things "printer friendly" by default. Of course, you can always do
> fit to page easily in firefox, and with IE, but the customer wanted
> print-friendly by default.
> So I shrunk the header graphic size and compressed the margins and made
> seperate pages with a link to them from the other page. I guess
> Printer-Friendly seems to be an ongoing issue reading various websites.
> My question is, I had to do a link to a 'printer-friendly' page for each
> page (7 in total) which isn't bad, but wonder how I can get round stopping
> them getting penalised as 'duplicate' by the search engines - or won't it
> matter ?
> Hope you can give some pointers, I'm a bit baffled at the moment.
> Thanks everyone!
> Best Regards,
> Paul

Several options here...

The silly option: add rel="nofollow" as an attribute to all links (<a>)to the
printer-friendly version/s (the approach I currently take)

The reliable option: put printer-friendly versions under a certain directory
level (concrete or virtual), then use robot.txt to exclude the pages

Another option: indicate in the meta that the printer-friendly pages should
not be indexed

Best/correct option: design your pages with suitable stylesheets and
alternative stylesheets (e.g. screen.css, print.css). This means that the
content will only exist in one place (file and page) whereas the layout will
be shared and chosen using something like JS, the browser's/user's
preference, the device used to view the page, etc. Such situations are among
the raison d'etre of designing with standards.

Best wishes,


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