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Re: Even Children Can Build Linux PC's with Ubuntu

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 11:16 \__

> Interesting article, I bookmarked it for the good advice it gives on
> hardware, not that I will be building a PC any time soon.
> The smartest people want to know how things work inside, especially the
> smartest young people.  That means Linux, not proprietary software,
> especially not Windows.  This is a powerful force (the attraction of
> open source to the brightest people), one that has played a big role in
> the accelerating uptake of Linux in the last few years.  Expect to see
> more.
> Also interesting that the author of the blog is a Mac man.  The more
> people learn to be flexible in switching between different OS's
> (Windows-Macs-Linux), the more they will understand that the Microsoft
> world view (computers=Windows) is wrong.

Indeed, this adds perspective. Dual-boot box can also provide a
like-with-like benchmark for compararson, so judgment can be made at will
(bootloader). That state where Windows is synonymous with commuting is
already reaching its end, due to many iBooks, iPods, and popular Linux
'brands' such as Ubuntu.

Best wishes,

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