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Re: Major problem importing KMail email to Thunderbird

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> __/ [ Gordon ] on Wednesday 09 August 2006 22:55 \__
>> I created an MBox format mail folder in KMail and copied my Inbox
>> contents (61 mails, all read) into it. I then copied this file into my
>> Thunderbird Profile. Fired up Thunderbird, and there was the file, BUT,
>> only showing 25 mails in total with FOUR unread! Can anyone explain this,
>> and tell me how I can get TBird to see the other 36 emails, and why it
>> should be showing 4 unread?
>> The file in Tbird is EXACTLY the same size as the one in KMail!
>> Thanks!
> Hi Gordon,
> I migrates from KMail to thunderbird in the past, but didn't have such
> problems. Have you checked the ensure that none of these 61 mail messages
> are not marked as deleted (that's where the compact feature comes in)?

AFAIK no messages are marked for deletion - and I've compacted the folder
several times

> Additionally, try removing (with backups, of course) the MBOX file from
> the relevant KMail directory, launch Mail, close it, push back the file
> and see how KMail handles it. 

Perfectly normal - shows 61 messages, all read.

> MBOX is very standardised (look inside the 
> file with a text editor to confirm everything is there), so I see no
> reason why Thunderbird 1.5 should cough up.

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