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Re: Why is Windows such a steaming pile of shit?

  • Subject: Re: Why is Windows such a steaming pile of shit?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 15:40:33 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / ISBE, Manchester University / ITS
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__/ [ William Poaster ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 10:58 \__

> It was on Thu, 10 Aug 2006 07:47:14 +0100, that [H]omer wrote:
>> Decades of development and billions of dollars later ... Windows is a
>> mouldy Swiss Cheese filled with viral maggots, and the brain-dead sheep
>> just keep throwing their hard-earned at monkeyboy Ballmer.
>> How can the Toys R' Us engineers at Microflop be so bloody incompetent?
>> How can the public be so gullible?

Public goes by brainwash. Not educated people in the field though because
they can think for themselves and practice judgment. Sadly, most people
prefer never to explore, but rather to remain a 'cube'. This includes some
people whom I know... some are my family.

> Because they're totally ignorant. The poor saps think that the way
> windwoes works (needs propping up with third party malware scanners,
> defragging drives, hijack-this scanners etc, etc) is *normal*.

...Said many time before, but still very true. People still ask me about
virus protection on my Linux box whenever a nasty one percolates its way
through our Division.

> Complaints about linux from windows "users" (including trolls) could be
> because of their M$ prisoner mentality:

Very intersting.

> More about Fista:

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Thursday 10 August 2006 11:21 \__

> I had to laugh at the Prisoner Mentality article.  Just a moment ago in
> another post I was trying to refer to the Microsoft world view, but the
> Prisoner Mentality captures it much better.

Thanks for the summary. Would read a long article. *smile*

> I also enjoyed the quote:
> --------------------
> "I have been testing Microsoft operating systems since Windows 95 and
> this is the buggiest OS I've seen this late in development," says
> Joe Wilcox, an analyst with Jupiter Research. "Look at the older
> operating systems, and by Beta 2 there is a stable foundation on which
> the [independent software vendors] can build on. Right now, Vista is
> like a ship on stormy seas."
> ----------------
> End quote
> from a Vista beta tester.

Another Vista tester spoke about dependencies that were circular and involved
dozens of obscure (non?-)hierarchical levels. I can only imagine what a
nightmare it is to test ans fix. Think how long it takes to issue a patch
and how quickly a new vulnerability emerges. This implies that the flaws are
targetted very locally and narrowly, rather than have things redesigned to
be resolved at a high level. Think about adding a conditional statement as
oppose to changing a class hierarchy and alter some interfaces. The crackers
need only create a close variant (a sibling) of existing exploits I'd

Like a house of cards. Or a cardboard house where one shuts the hole rather
than apply a layer of concrete/cement to fix fragility once and for all...

Best wishes,


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