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Re: [News] Linux Users Apathetic, Windows Users Fearful Due to Vista

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Sunday 10 December 2006 17:09 \__

> On Saturday 09 December 2006 14:37 amicus_curious wrote:
>>> Are you sure you've got the script right?
>>> Shouldn't you be checking back with Redmond for the latest version?
>> That illustrates another curious thing.  I am merely an observer of the
>> scene
> No.  Once more, you are wrong.
> If you were "merely an observer", we would not be having this exchange.
> You are an extremely verbose mouthpiece for Microsoft, who pushes the
> Microsoft "party line" in this and many other forums.
>> and a number of people here, typically based in the UK, seem to take
>> offense at what I am seeing.
> Again, you are wrong.
> Absolutely no offence is taken at what you see.
> It is your commentary to which my comments were addressed.
>> They have suggested several times now that I
>> am in the pay of Microsoft, the evidence being that I have a positive view
>> of their products.  Can you be so jaded as to believe that is the only
>> explanation for that point of view?
> Jaded?  Jaded?  What IS your native tongue?
> I'd say that you had rather more than "a positive view of their products"
> In fact, "amicus_curious" features in approx. 26,400 hits on Google over
> several years, and all seem to be *very* pro-Microsoft, with some wonderful
> quotes of the party line.
> Quoting a few from the *first* page:-
> - "As long as linux is being driven by a bunch of chumps trying to mimic
> Windows and get by on the cheap, it will never be a serious contender"
> - "The OSS geeks don't seem to understand this, not having operated a
> non-computer business themselves. But a company that has used VBA to create
> custom forms that interface to Excel, Word, Access, and SQL Server for...."
> - "As partially noted, putting the kabosh on illegal copies of Windows for
> upgrade might simply drive the market to try linux and that is just giving
> the OSSers some free publicity. It is best to turn a blind eye on the issue
> as has been the case in the past. It is quite enough to roast the
> undercover hardware makers who poach Windows for profit and have some money
> to attach via court order"
> .... and then you wonder why you, trolling a Linux group, are met with some
> animosity?

Thanks for the heads-up, Gruff. Time to modify the shillfile. Out of sight,
out of mind.

                        ~~ Kind greetings and happy holidays!

Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "Signature pending approval"
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roy      pts/9                         Sun Dec 10 15:51 - 15:55  (00:03)    
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