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[News] .Net Addict Calls Vista RTM a "Beta" Version, Goes Back to XP

Life with Vista - Is this dogfood really for the dogs?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm an absolute freak when it comes to .NET technologies. My blog
| is called the ".NET Addict", so it should be pretty obvious that
| the day Vista's RTM build came out, I downloaded it and installed
| it on every Vista-capable machine I had in my possession. I've
| been using Vista for several weeks now and I've come to a couple
| of conclusions that I think might startle and shock some of you.


Let's examine some points and add references which show it's not a one man's

,----[ Quote ]
| # Vista is not ready for primetime. By that I mean that Vista still
| feels like a beta. That's right. It has so many compatibility
| problems with existing applications that running anything other
| than stuff from Microsoft that specifically says "for Vista Build
| XXXX" makes me feel like I'm taking my life into my own hands.
|    1. Games - don't even get me started...
|    2. Visual Studio 2005 - I can't find the words to express the irony...
|    3. Virtual PC - worthless. Don't even attempt on Vista.

Some references to story that coincide.


Visual Studio vs. Vista: What's going on here?

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Visual Basic 6.0 (supported)
|     * Visual Studio .NET 2002 (not supported)
|     * Visual Studio .NET 2003 (not supported)
|     * Visual Studio 2005 (supported, but will have "compatibility issues" 
|       until some nebulous set of post-SP1 fixes ships)


Windows Vista: Work In Progress

,----[ Quote ]
| Already, the list of non-compatible applications or hardware is fairly
| long. Microsoft's own Vista updates add to the number of third-partyp
| atches on which businesses will have to conduct compatibility testing.
| The burden is yet another reason to see slow business deployments in
| the early months following Windows Vista's release.


SQL Server 2005 SP1 won't work with Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| It's no secret that a number of applications, including
| several of Microsoft's own, are not going to work properly
| with Windows Vista when the product ships.


Vista Breaks Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| The big secret at Redmond is that existing applications and new
| products will not work with Vista.
| Microsoft really doesn't want you to know this, but many of your
| existing applications won't work with Vista. In fact, some brand
| new products won't work with Vista. 



Lack of Internal Talks at Microsoft, Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe my "Microsoft's Entertainment Domination" theory was a bit
| premature. Apparently, the Zune MP3 player isn't flying off shelves
| and now it turns out that the Zune is incompatible with Microsoft'
| latest Windows Vista operating system. Amazing how a disconnect like
| this can occur within an organization. Software start-ups are taking
| advantage of the lowered development costs and the speedy development
| time -- and forcing large software organizations to speed up their
| own development cycles, but in the process, the large organizations
| are fumbling to communicate effectively amongst their departments.



Returning to the original story:

,----[ Quote ]
| There's nothing wrong with optimizing an OS for presentation value -
| there is an entire demographic of people out there who do nothing
| but surf, check mail, play solitaire, etc. The ultra-casual users
| of computers like my mother, grandmother, and people who generally
| have little interest in technology (like my father).

Intersects with:


Why Has Microsoft Abandoned the Power User?

,----[ Quote ]
| I don't know about you, but I'm feeling abandoned these
| days, as Windows Vista and Internet Explorer are
| increasingly closed off.
| How about you -- do you see any evidence of this
| disturbing trend?


Microsoft Power Users, Part II

,----[ Quote ]
| There's no Microsoft Power User "WinHEC" out there. Microsoft
| is all about the developer, and seldom seems to cater to the
| true enthusiasts. There's a loosely-constructed MVP program
| (of which I am a member, with the Windows Digital Media
| distinction), but no real company mission to listen to what's
| going on in the world outside the Microsoft (to use their word)e
| cosystem. And because of that, we end up with sloppy,
| "just good enough" experiences. My earlier post on the
| pre-beta of Longhorn illustrates my point ENTIRELY.
| [...]



Finally, let's examine the summary

,----[ Quote ]
| Bottom line is that, in my opinion, unless you are planning on doing
| serious .NET Framework 3.0 (WPF, WCF, WF) programming then there is
| no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista. Put Vista on a Virtual
| machine and forget about it or wait until the compatiiblity issues
| are a thing of the past. For me, I'm actually at the point where
| I'm trying to figure out how to put XP back on the hardware I've
| already upgraded to Vista in a dual-boot scenario. Thats a first
| for me. I've never before felt compelled to dual-boot the previous
| version of a Microsoft OS, except for when I used to keep DOS 6.22
| floppies around in case I needed to boot into DPMI out of Windows
| 95 to play Doom or run some memory-sucking Borland apps I was coding.
| How sad is that?

Ouch. What will the apologists say? Any takers?

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