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__/ [ Kier ] on Friday 08 December 2006 11:31 \__

> I decided to put a different distro on my newest machine, so I looked
> around to see what discs I had handy. I tried the latest Mandriva, but it
> just didn't want to know my video card (which is one of those ATI
> jobbies). I had a Linux mag covermount of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
> 10, which I'd never got round to trying, so I thought I'd give it a go.
> I've had good results  with SUSE and ATI kit on my laptop before, so it
> was a fair bet it would work, which it did.
> Getting the usual missing bits to work (multimedia) was fairly simple, I
> just hopped over to www.thejemreport.com and looked for an article about
> SLED, and followed the instructions.
> I've used openSuse before, and some earlier versions of the old SUSE. SLED
> is a bit different. Very slick looking. The single panel at the bottom
> (this is in Gnome) takes a bit of getting used to, but it's okay. So far,
> the only trouble I've run into is that the sound level is extremely low,
> even though the PCM is at maximum. It appears to vary according to what
> I'm trying to play. I expect it's fixable, I haven't had much time to look
> into it yet.
> Overall, I'm very impressed.
> No doubt, with all the kefuffle going on recently about SUSE/Novell and
> MS, there are those who will howl in protest at my installing SLED, but
> that's tough. It's an impressive distro, and I reckon I'll hang onto it
> for a while.

I think that the last thing Novell needs at this stage is money. SuSE will
live on (we've got the code), but better off without Novell. So far we've
seen no mutual patent coverage. Instead, what we saw is one angry monkey
threatening Linux distributors. On the interoperability front we see nothing
but Microsoft shoving/forcing its 10-year implementation log onto
OpenOffice. And that is /terrible/ news. Microsoft uses SLED/Novell to
justify leaving everybody behind playing catchup while it further extends.
As IBM argued, 'Open'XML is the past, ODF is the future. SLED is the past,
gNewSense (pronounced nuisance) is the future. FWIW, try Opensuse 10.2
ebcause it looks identical to SLED 10. I don't dismiss SuSE code altogether,
but trandemarks ought to be stripped off... oen day...

Best wishes,


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