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[News] NASA World Wind Approaches Linux Release, Gains Features (Video)

NASA World Wind 1.4 promo

,----[ Quote ]
| This video only uses grphics from within World Wind no post
| processing has been done, except for joining video clips together
| and adding audio in virtualdub. 


version 1.5 of World Wind will be available for Linux. It is Open Source and
it can already run with Mono (Miguel de Icaza demonsrated this.

Google Earth (proprietary) already runs on Linux and there's an Open Source
equivalent that uses NASA's data.



gaia-0.1.1 (AKA Open Source Google Earth)

,----[ Quote ]
| First release of `clean' version of gaia (NASA maps instead of Google
| Earth). All common bugs were fixed and build system improved.


gaia - opensource 3D interface to the planet

,----[ Quote ]
| Meet gaia, an attempt to reverse engineer famous Google Earth and
| implement its functionality in open, portable, customizable and
| extendable way.
| 25 November 2006, we've got the letter from Michael Jones, the
| Chief Technologist of Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Local
| search, requesting us to cease reverse engineering and improper
| usage of licensed data that Google Earth use. We understand and
| respect Google's position on the case, so we've removed all
| downloads from this page and we ask everybody who have ever
| downloaded gaia 0.1.0 and prior versions to delete all filesc
| oncerned with the project, which include source code, binary
| files and image cache (~/.gaia).
| The project may continue it's life as opensource 3D earth
| viewer with GPS support, but without support Google Earth
| imagery. We are sorry.


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