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Re: [News] Microsoft Seeks to Get a Chokehold on Television

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 14:32 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Singapore Telecom selects Alcatel-Lucent for IPTV trial
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| I recall last week when a high-level Microsoft executive said to
>>| me that they were pleased with Microsoft IPTV adaption in North
>>| America and Europe, but their company needed to find more partners
>>| in Asia. Well, it didn't take long to see movement on that front.
>> `----
>> http://tinyurl.com/tmlr
>> Could be as bad as the VoD/DRM/TC-type lockin. There's reason to boycott
>> certain cable/TV providers (see reasons below).
> Nah - it just doesn't work.  BSkyB have just dumped Microsoft - they claim
> because of security issues, but I don't believe that for one moment,
> myself.  Interestingly, they chose a partnership with Google to replace
> Microsoft.

It's not just security that's in stake. It's also bad design and

Verizon takes over Microsoft TV code

,----[ Quote ]
| Unhappy over the memory footprint of applications and delays in rolling 
| them out, Verizon has ditched some of Microsoft's television software and 
| has chosen instead to write its own.


FiOS TV and MSFT: When End-to-End Becomes Best of Breed

,----[ Quote ]
| Quoting: "With the project in danger of running behind schedule, Verizon
| sent its own employees to oversee the work between Microsoft and Motorola.
| Engineers from all three companies had several meetings a day to nudge
| the project along. Eventually, Verizon took over the development of the
| program guide altogether from Microsoft, and ended up writing a new
| version of the software that was less memory-intensive."


This rings a bell, doesn't it? I guess they just don't have the right tools.
I mean, I have seen people building Web sites with something called
FrontPage (and the likes of it). Look what happens.


70 errors.

Why Microsoft Expression Web redefines irony

,----[ Quote ]
| Expression is Microsoft's suite of web development tools slated to
| replace the wonderful application known as Front Page. A quick visit
| to the site for this tool yields a fairly typical Microsoft webpage.
| [...]
| WHOA! Did they not even listen to their own marketing garbage? 144
| Errors! No DocType? Are you kidding me?
| [...]
| Bravo to our good friends at Microsoft for setting such a great example
| and leading the masses to a more standards compliant internet! (and
| for giving web standards geeks something to hate on).



How about writing code? Many of us know that Vista wasn't build using .Net,
so Microsoft essentially rejects its own dogfood. It shows.

How many Microsofties does it take to implement the Off menu?

,----[ Quote ]
| Every piece of evidence I've heard from developers inside Microsoft
| supports my theory that the company has become completely tangled up in
| bureaucracy, layers of management, meetings ad infinitum, and
| overstaffing. The only way Microsoft has managed to hire so many people
| has been by lowering their hiring standards significantly...


Best wishes,


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