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Re: DRM a Can of Worms

__/ [ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 12:49 \__

> High Plains Thumper ha scritto:
>> Enough ranting for now, but this DRM seems to be as expressed
>> previously, another can of worms.
>> --
>> HPT
> I can't believe the hassle of all this!  Compared to the days you just
> bought your vinyl or cd's and owned them forever and could play them on
> anything.  Life is too short.

I still play my parents' vinyl collection sometimes. See the following
article which I have just found. I think it deserves a place among major
publications, but I doubt it'll ever happen because of conflicting
interests. Getting my views on Microsoft's involvement in politics and the
media is hard enough, unless I leave it in a personal blog. That's a
circular thing, surely. Everyone is afraid of retaliation, opposing views
(dividing or losing readership) and there's the issue of media ownership
(who pays the journalist his/her check).

Unwise Hollywood laws hurting U.S. industry

,----[ Quote ]
| The world plainly needs UNCRIPPLED TV's, VCR's, DVR's, COMPUTERS,
| CELL PHONES, and AUDIO/VIDEO players. Hollywood has been using its
| huge WAR CHEST to influence unwise legislation preventing U.S.
| companies from creating these needed products. If the U.S. cannot
| create them, then other countries will soon DOMINATE


Best wishes,


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