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Re: [News] Long Review of Opensuse 10.2 (with Screenshots)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> High Plains Thumper on Saturday
>> I have particularly have been enjoying the stability
>> Debian brings.  Recently with a little effort, now I have
>> video viewing capability up and on-line in Firefox.
> I am beginning to think that pulling an Oracle-type ripoff
> would be an interesting thing to do here. This would
> involve taking the wonderful work of the SuSE (not
> Opensuse) developers, stripping off all the Novell 
> trademarks and redistributing that at every stage of the
> Opensuse release cycle. As long as there is no commercial
> equivalent, Novell benefits very little, if at all. The
> work of SuSE (as we used to know it) is preserved while
> Novell survives and it can be further maintained and
> extended when Microsoft squeezes the trigger on Novell (to
> use Allchin's chilling words from 1999).

This is chilling indeed.  However on the bright side of 
things, there are other distros to entertain.

Back to Debian, given its stability and flexibility, it makes 
an excellent learning laboratory for the IT professional or 
engineer to get his/her hands wet.  Since it is a little 
harder to install and configure than other distros like Debian 
derivative Ubuntu, these lessons adds to one's experience, 
improving the individual.

There are also many software programming tools that come with 
Linux, languages and such.  One can take that older PC 
hardware sitting unused in the corner and turn it into a 
useful, active learning laboratory.  Learn about firewalls, 
setting up a NFS or SMB Linux client, even do specialised 
electrical, structural or mechanical engineering analysis with 
software readily available free.

One does not have to start out with Debian, there are others 
that provide the same learning experience or a good starting 
place.  It is just that I find the challenges rewarding, with 
the freedom it gives, letting me discover further Linux 


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