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Re: SCOX Becomes a Penny Stock

__/ [ nrballardco@xxxxxxxxx ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 08:36 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://finance.google.com/finance?q=SCOX
> Good time to buy. Probably no chance in hell that it will come back up,
> though...

give 'em a buck, get some change. Too bad that it's now verging delisting.

PJ said there would be a special 'event' in Groklaw when SCO dives to
oblivion. It is currently at the point of no return.

Don't mess with Linux. Threaten, then perish.

SCO Mk 2 - guess who!

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve Ballmer...
| "We've had an issue, a problem that we've had to confront, which
| is because of the way the GPL (General Public License) works, and
| because open-source Linux does not come from a company -- Linux
| comes from the community -- the fact that that product uses our
| patented intellectual property is a problem for our shareholders.
| We spend $7 billion a year on R&D, our shareholders expect us to
| protect or license or get economic benefit from our patented
| innovations. So how do we somehow get the appropriate economic
| return for our patented innovation, and how do we do interoperability.
| The truth is, because of the complex licensing around the GPL, wea
| ctually didn't want to do one without the other."
| Recognise that language? Here's Darl McBride, CEO of SCO, in 2003:
| "The intellectual property roots of Linux are obviously flawed at a
| systemic level under the current model. To date, we claim that more
| than one million lines of UNIX System V protected code have been
| contributed to Linux through this model. The flaws inherent in the
| Linux process must be openly addressed and fixed."


History will repeat itself. I have an idea. Gimme a few minutes with the

Okay, done.


Best wishes,


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