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Re: Firefox in Europe

__/ [ High Plains Thumper ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 07:21 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> B Gruff on Saturday
>>> None of it can be true of course - it'll never fly...
>>> http://www.theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=36252
>> There was a very popular post yesterday (also brought to
>> COLA) where it's shown that (one of) Germany's most popular
>> site gets a Firefox majority. Times are changing. With the
>> Finnish using OOo at government level and with over 100
>> million OOo users around the world (estimated) the
>> migration to Linux is trivial. As the maps seems to
>> suggest, the UK, much like the States, is somewhat behind.
>> Some initiatives are intended to change that.
> Not just that, I noticed the Irish are more progressive,
> having edged out the rest of UK by 6%.      :-)

Yes, and this also explains why Google opened a large branch in Dublin.
There's a lot of Linux in their 'silicon valley'. Irish bloggers often speak
about Linux.

I suspect it's also where Gates and the gang store their stash in order to
avoid taxation... the Gates Foundation is another safe haven... and forget
about dividends... Gates does not care much about the US economy as he
continues to deplete the IT industry with an extending monopoly... and at
the same time offshoring while making up excuses... having deterred CS
undergraduates with an iron fist. it's like saying that your heavily-abused
wife is never home (wonder why...!), which in turns justifies more abuse.
It's a circular case based on punishment. That's why we have laws and that's
why industry /MUST/ find a healthy state of equilibrium. Letting companies
run the government breaks this balance and makes the industry go hayway,
soon to penetrate countries where labour is cheap and destroying these
economies too. Just wait until the entire globe suffers from those problems
that Gates complains about in the states. His colonial imperialism (e.g.
Microsoft Malaysia more latterly, c/f Slashdot) punishes everyone overseas.
Poverty, no creativity... in a single word---supression. And you later see
Microsoft UK suggesting that buying from Microsoft is the Brit's partiotic
duty. Since when is our government that impire called the United States? And
for the argument's sake, is it the Americans that benefit from it, or just a
few billionaires whose cash is retained overseas (or in charities).

Okay, so this post was impulsive and incoherent, but I just had to get this
off my chest.

Best wishes,


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