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Re: [News] Proof that Security is NOT a Binary Condition

__/ [ High Plains Thumper ] on Saturday 09 December 2006 06:13 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Microsoft hacked! Code stolen?
>> http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595_22-525083.html
>> Someone has also stolen the Linux source code. Scary, eh?
>> They can now crack all those server.
> Actually it would not be hard to find out stolen Microsoft
> property.  One only need to follow the bloat.

The very few who have access to the coce can actually identify theft. That,
as a matter of fact, is why GPL violations are easy(ier) to identify. See

OpenLogic Expands Efforts to Help Enterprises Reduce Open Source Risk

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenLogic, Inc., a leading provider of software, stacks and
| support that enable enterprises to easily deploy and manage
| customized open source environments, today announced it has
| extended its long standing relationship with Black Duck
| software by joining the Black Duck Compliance Vanguard Alliance.


Black Duck spruces up UI in software compliance system

,----[ Quote ]
| A code navigator in the interface provides for review of all code within
| a project. Code can be highlighted that appears to have originated from
| an open source project or other external source. Or, the code can have
| an origin that requires legal or business approval for use.


Black Duck CEO: F1000 Open Source Use On Fire

,----[ Quote ]
| To date, more than 250 F1000 firms use software compliance and
| management solutions from Black Duck, up 600+% from last year. Levin
| shares why Open Source demand will stay hot, and shares how governance
| and visibility offerings, such as those from Black Duck, are helping
| executives stay bullish on Open Source.
| "Today, it's hard to overstate how substantial a factor Open Source
| has become in many F1000 firms," Levin said. "The growth is substantial.
| A few years ago, there is no question that Open Source vendors were the
| early adopters, but now the widespread use of Open Source is causing
| all sorts of businesses to assemble a Bill of Materials for their
| software."


Open Channel to distribute open source compliance

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Channel Solutions (OCS) has signed an exclusive distribution
| agreement to move an open source compliance management software
| suite developed by Black Duck Software.
| [...]
| The deal also provides OCS with a new product suite for its open
| source software portfolio also includes product from the Novell
| software suite.


Deciphering GPL 2

,----[ Quote ]
| So it is that I was glad to see Bruce Byfield take a crack at clearing up 
| 10 common misunderstandings about the GPL in an article on IT Managers 
| Journal.
| Byfield, who's no more a lawyer than I am, went to Richard Fontana, a
| lawyer with the Software Freedom Law Center; David Turner, former
| compliance engineer with the Free Software Foundation; and Harald Welte,
| of the GPL-Violations project, which tracks possible cases of GPL
| non-compliance, to come up with some real answers to some of the GPL's
| more confusing points.
| For example, no, the GPL is not "viral." I don't care what Microsoft or
| SCO tells you. It's not. Simply using GPL software as part of a larger
| program package doesn't force developers into putting their independent
| work under the GPL.
| Byfield's sources also mention, however, that some points, like the
| one above, aren't completely clear.
| Other myths, like the notion that you can't charge for GPLed software,
| however, are complete and utter nonsense.


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