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Re: [News] PlayStation 3 Linux Support Augmented by Sony

"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> __/ [ Quantum Leaper ] on Friday 08 December 2006 17:16 \__
>> "Mark Kent" <mark.kent@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:e7go44-09k.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> begin  oe_protect.scr
>>> amicus_curious <ACDC@xxxxxxx> espoused:
>>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>>> news:5170061.PhlSkOF2fM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>> PlayStation 3 support now standard in Linux 2.4
>>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>>> | Sony-contributed patches aimed at adding machine-specific features
>>>>> | for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) have been merged into the stable 2.4.20
>>>>> | kernel tree. The patches should greatly simplify maintaining Linux
>>>>> | kernels for the PS3, which is already supported under Linux by at
>>>>> | least one distribution.
>>>>> `----
>>>>> http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS6521115697.html
>>>> I find that it is very curious as to what might motivate Sony to take
>>>> this
>>>> course of action.  "Pursuit of Excellence" once suggested that 
>>>> companies
>>>> need to "stick to their knitting" and focus on what made them a leader 
>>>> in
>>>> their markets.  Sony's success in gaming is due, I believe, to their
>>>> visually impressive display and
>>>> game play complexity that makes their games
>>> They, Sony, don't write the games.  Others do.
>> True,  but they get money from every game that is sold.  Its called a
>> licensing fee.
>>>> so highly rated.
>>>> Why would they distract any of their developer talent to
>>>> this end?
>>> Because their internal developers are different to the ones writing
>>> games.  The job of their internal ones is to make the platform as
>>> attractive as possible to *all* developers, which is what they're doing.
>>> It's not a distraction, they're doing their job.
>> Why haven't they released a linux driver for the graphics chip in the 
>> PS3?
> Who said they would not? Some people have voiced complaints about that. If
> the PS3 catches on, which it /will/ once manufacturing/supplies have no
> barriers, Sony will see the demand from the customer and react
> appropriately. Then, the only worry, to them, is the fact that they
> facilitate gaming that's independent from the firmware. Gamemakers might 
> not
> be happy, but Sony has a lot to earn from Blu-ray, VoD, etc. Sony could 
> also
> tell gamemakers that the appeal of the unit (it's more than just a gaming
> console) as a whole broadens the market for the commercial games. And 
> that's
> all that matters, IMHO.
Why would they want the competition,  it would hurt their game sales.   I 
still doubt PS3 will even come close to selling as many as last generation, 
at least until they drop the price to under $300.   By that time MS and 
Nintendo will have a very big lead.  95% of the people will buy it for a 
gaming console,   some will use it as a cheap BR player,  very few will use 
it a computer or multimedia system.  I do wonder why Sony didn't start stock 
piling supplies last year,  considering the orginal launch date was March in 
Japan?   They could have launched and did a frimware update for the Blu-Ray 
at a later date... 

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