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Re: [News] Earthlink May Lose up to 90% of E-mail, Microspam Windows to Blame?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

Looking at some comment in Slashdot, it seems evident that SPAM (Windows
zombies laregely responsible) is killing E-mail as a communication tool. I
personally use password-protected Wikis as means of replacing E-mail because
the volume keeps growing and growing.

Here's another problem. I almost lost a friendship over spam because my friend sent me all these emails that I never responded to and he was mad that I snubbed him. When we finally got together at his home in Portland he told me, did you read what I wrote on such and such a day.

I said no, I never received the emails...or maybe I hastily deleted a bunch. But even I didn't believe that since I had gotten some emails from him in the past. Then I remembered that my ISP has a spam filter (besides the junk mail filters I use with KMail and Thunderbird). Well, lo and behold, there were three of his emails. The difference being that those had some html from things he was forwarding to me.

I also found a bunch of other emails that I would have liked to have received...so I periodically check in there, and I added more people to my "valid" list.

-- The Texeme Construct http://you-read-it-here-first.com

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