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[News] IBM Excludes Microsoft from IM Software

IBM snubs MSN with Sametime gateway

,----[ Quote ]
| Conspicuously missing from the compatibility list are MSN Messenger
| and Microsoft's Live Communication Server. The snub to Microsoft
| appears to be a business decision by IBM, not a technical or political
| issue - IBM obviously reckons it can reach all the business IM users
| it needs, without involving Redmond.


Microsoft prebundles its IM client. It is conspicuously a case of monopoly
abuse, which led to exclusion in Korea, IIRC.



Is IBM open source's little friend?

,----[ Quote ]
| ...That is because one of the big post-Linuxworld features is all about
| IBM, and how IBM is going to use open source to beat big, bad Microsoft.
| [...]
| The story, from Motley Fool, says IBM is going to get Linux running faster
| on its proprietary chips, go after smaller customers using the cost
| benefits of open source, and push an "open health care framework" to
| push computers into smaller medical offices.


Ballmer rattles intellectual property saber at Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides, does Microsoft think IBM will stay on the litigation sidelines,
| if it decides to play the patent card? IBM makes a lot of its billions
| from Linux, and I can't see Big Blue paying Microsoft off to continue
| using its favorite operating system.


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