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Re: [News] Microsoft Locks in French Viewers

__/ [ Gordon ] on Friday 08 December 2006 10:53 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> French Broadcaster Chooses Windows Media
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The initial, broadcast site delivers beautiful Windows Media Video
>> | streaming--and not in some little box. France24 shows how
>> | companies can innovate around Windows Media formats. I'm rather
>> | surprised there is no Microsoft press release trumpeting the
>> | Windows Media broadcasts.
>> `----
>> Does the parliament know about this?
> How funny - the BBC have done a similar deal.....
> and I have yet to receive a reply from them with regard to closed source
> formats from the state broadcaster....

Yes, it's true. [See below]

BT Vision is go

,----[ Quote ]
| "We think most people are well behind us," said BT retail CEO
| Ian Livingstone. It was even able to wheel out ever erudite
| Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to eulogise the importance of an
| event "that fundamentally changes how consumers are entertained".
| BT chose Microsoft to provide the software powering Vision.


Beeb breaks out with Windows WMA protection

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a press release from Sonos, the blokes over
| at the Beeb have decided to jump ship for relying on
| Realplayer for web content, and have switched over
| entirely to the Windows-friendly WMA format. Now
| that the BBC has made The Big Switch, BBC radio
| stations will be received automatically for users
| of wireless music and radio provider Sonos.


That said, the European Union (a commission, IIRC) is realising the dangers
of taking choice away from the actual customers who cannot veto. Decision
makers can be wined and dined before they make a decision, e.g.

BBC Looks To Microsoft For Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| However, you don't sign deals or commitments if you're a quasi-autonomous
| Public Corporation operating as a public service broadcaster, as the BBC
| is. BBC Director General Mark Thompson met Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates
| in Seattle on Wednesday to sign the non-exclusive memorandum of
| understanding and discuss the BBC's digital strategy.


It's one among many examples which I have been seeing recently. Here's one
which I saw this morning, from an Open Source advocate and manager
(Alfresco), as well as a critical figure that dislikes Microsoft's ways.


 "Microsoft: Shrewd without being rude"

When I read this I just though "WTF?". I was going to leave a comment like
"they have certainly made you mellow", but I thought it would be impolite,
so I held myself back. This guy is typically a Groklokian (with the
corresponding image/view of Microsoft's way).

Best wishes,


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