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Re: [News] Spying on PC's Could Increase

__/ [ Mathew P. ] on Friday 08 December 2006 09:19 \__

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> On 2006-12-08, Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Prosecuting and security authorities to be allowed to search PCs online
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| In August of this year Mr. Wolf had already presented the draft bill
>>| of a new Protection of the Constitution Act, which, once adopted, will
>>| among other things give the Office for the Protection of the
>>| Constitution undercover access to "hard disks" and other
>>| "information technology systems" on the Internet.
>> `----
>> http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/82181/from/rss09
>> Another reason to use operating systems without hidden (binary) back
>> doors. Linux does not permit this.
> Excuse my ignorance, but just what in the holy fuck is the office
> for the protection of the constitution?
          ^^^^^^^^^^        ^^^^^^^^^^^^

It's a German thing. It sounds benevolent (like digital /rights/ management
and /trusted/ computing).

Sorry if this seems irrelevant, but I just know of at least one case in the
UK where people's hard-drives were searched by remote investigators
(Windows, of course). It's like your property (data) is transparent,
provided you are connected. It probably goes beyond E-mail and Web surfing

Best wishes,


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