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[News] Scot Finnie Criticises Microsoft Software, Ditches Windows

A Windows expert opts for a Mac life

,----[ Quote ]
| ...I've found myself increasingly disturbed by the many ways Microsoft
| is willing to erode the overall user experience, in most cases in the
| name of boosting its bottom line.
| I'm talking about aspects like the new upgrade to Microsoft's
| antipiracy measures, known as Software Protection Platform (which
| includes a "reduced functionality mode"); the little-detailed
| digital rights management features -- if any -- that some people
| believe will surface in Vista; and the repetitious frustration of
| User Account Control, a security feature that takes an extreme
| approach to protecting you from potential threats that probably
| 98.44% of the time aren't actually there.


Some prominent people have moved from Mac OS X to Linux for similar reasons
(DRM and lockins, among other things).


How Vista lets Microsoft lock users in

,----[ Quote ]
| The Trusted Computing Module has sat silently on the motherboard for
| years now. Adding Vista and IRM to it is takes it from egg to larva,
| and turning on remote attestation in a year or two, once everyonei
| s on next-generation Office, will bring the larva to adulthood,
| complete with venomous stinger.


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