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Re: [News] US 'Innovation' Panel Excludes Small Companies, Could Encourage Software Patents

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

| A report published by an EU task force on intellectual property claims
| that small businesses benefit from a patent system, despite lacking
| almost any participation by the small business community.

One of the things that could equalize the patent system is to move from a trivial one time fee ( $1000 ) for a patent, to an on going percentage tax paid to the government for enforcement.

This would do two things:

(1) For the Little Guy, he could patent to his hearts delight and not incur high fees for products that never get built or sold. If he does come up with a "winner" he should happily want to pay the fee to ensure enforcement and get protection from the big guy.

(2) For the Big Guy, instead of getting away with patenting everything under the sun for a price that is trivial to him, he would be forced to share a percentage of revenues from the patented product. Thus, he will be less likely to want to patent everything to avoid the tax.

The patent enforcement tax would also bring more revenue to the Patent Office and prevent them from lagging on patents by claiming inadequate resources.

-- The Texeme Construct http://you-read-it-here-first.com

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