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Re: [News] Media Properly Introduces the PlayStation 3: A Linux PC

__/ [ Mark Kent ] on Thursday 07 December 2006 08:37 \__

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Sony preps games for PS3 launch
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| With the release of a Linux distribution tailored specifically
>>| for the console, the PS3 is beginning to look more like a possible
>>| PC substitute.
>>| [...]
>>| A version of Linux tailored to the PS3 had already been released,
>>| Mr Holman said.
>>| In October, US group Terra Soft Solutions announced a distribution
>>| of its Yellow Dog Linux for PS3 that included Mozilla's Firefoxb
>>| rowser, Thunderbird email client and the OpenOffice productivity
>>| suite.
>>| As well as being able to run Linux, the console can be used with
>>| either a wireless or USB mouse and keyboard, and has a web browser
>>| built in.
>> `----
>> http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/0,7204,20870910%5E15306,00.html
>> This is the firest PlayStation 3 review that introduces it as a PC and
>> incorporates a mention of Linux.
> New world...  new ideas.  That great American brake on innovation is
> finally starting to slip...  I think the US Government will need to find
> another way of holding up its balance of payments.

It will shoot down PS3 owners (I assume you read the story, but if not, then
do a quick new search). To America, Japanese console are no good. They must
defend their money-sucking corporation, no matter how how corrupt it becomes
(or has always proven to be).

US politicians go to bat for Microsoft


EU official joins consultancy serving Microsoft


US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist

,----[ Quote ]
| Before C. Boyden Gray was named as George Bush's number one person in
| Europe, he was a lawyer lobbying on behalf of Microsoft.


Study: open source needs official support; Lobbyist
disagrees with "flawed" conclusions

,----[ Quote ]
| The study, commissioned by the European Commission, Directorate
| General Enterprise and Industry, is but a small part of the larger
| FLOSSPOLS project that aims to keep the EU a leader in global
| development of open source software.
| [...]
| Now, the ISC is widely regarded as a shill for Microsoft, although
| the member list also includes companies like Intel, Autodesk, and
| RSA Security (now an EMC subsidiary). The 300-strong member list is
| mostly padded with lesser lights such as Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi(
| Turkey), ThreeSixtyDegreez (Pakistan), and Datoprogrammu Apgads
| (Latvia). The institute pushes hard for the right to patent
| software, alongside regular bashings of open source businesses.


I can search further and find the article where Kroes said was asked to "be
nice" (America, of course).

It is sad that the software industry (probably industry in general) is about
as corrupt as the political system. It's a shame that these things are
overlooked by most people (many people can understand and become passionate
about national issues, but little/rarely will they dig into what defines the
'standard'). We need more supervision. Moreover, the intricate relationships
between politicians and IT managers can't be ignored. It absolutely must be
resolved. As a software engineer I don't look forward to working at some
software house (never liked it). I also hear from friends how stressful it
is and how overpopulated the larket has become due to monopolies that use
lockins and expand further, widening the divide between smaller and bigger
businesses (titans). Collaboration is the only way to resolve and address
low-quality code such as the one that bring the Internet to a half with 100
billion E-mail SPAM per day. Few people even use E-mail nowadays because
it's hard to guarantee (unless you already know the recipient) that the
message will arrive and be read.

[end rant /]


Best wishes,


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