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[News] Oracle's "Open Source" Abuse & Lobbying

Oracle Exec Lobbies For 'Zorba' Open-Source XQuery Engine 

,----[ Quote ]
| The overall goal is to enable a Web of applications rather than a
| Web of content, Bamford said. Though Oracle backs the effort, he
| maintained that the finished XAP would be a free,
| open specification.
` ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Buzzword abuse. Coming from the same people who cannot comprehend or
appreciate <strikeout>Open Source</strikeout> Free software. Rather, they
try to undermine it through predatory ripoffs and hostile acquisitions.

How does "Open specification" equate to "open source" or, for emphasis,
libre/free open source? Similar to Microsoft's scam, which they call
OpenXML. References below.

Is Open XML a one way specification for most people?

,----[ Quote ]
| Who will implement Open XML correctly and fully? Maybe Microsoft.
| Why? Since it is essentially a dump into XML of all the data
| needed for all the functionality of their Office products and
| since those products are proprietary, only they will understand
| any nuances that go beyond the spec. The spec may illuminate
| some of the mistakes that have been made and are now being
| written into a so called standard for all to have to implement,
| but I'm guessing there might be a few other shades of meaning
| that will not be clear. Fully and correctly implementing Open
| XML will require the cloning of a large portion of Microsoft's
| product. Best of luck doing that, especially since they have
| over a decade head start. Also, since they have avoided using
| industry standards like SVG and MathML, you'll have to
| reimplement Microsoft's flavor of many things. You had
| better start now. So therefore I conclude that while Microsoft
| may end up supporting most of Open XML (and we'll have to
| see the final products to see how much and how correctly),
| other products will likely only end up supporting a subset. 


Signs That Your "Open Standard" May Not Be Open Enough

,----[ Quote ]
| If OOXML is an open standard, why must Mac MS Office users wait so
| long for OOXML support? Correct me if I am wrong, but MS Office on
| the Mac is developed by Microsoft themselves, how is it that the
| Windows Office development team had access to the OOXML specification
| but the Mac Office team did not?
| [...]
| Microsoft's ECMA submission comprised more than 6,000 pages. The
| challenge of plowing through so much could drag out
| approval by ISO. (ODF's submission was less than 700 pages.)
| [...]
| So, while Microsoft's own developers struggle to comprehend and
| implement their own proposed "standard" file format, perhaps Mac
| MS Office customers can use Novell OpenOffice for their Windows MS
| Office compatibility needs.


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