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Re: [News] Siemens Among Those Who invest in MontaVista (Linux)

Roy Schestowitz wrote: 

> Siemens to invest in MontaVista
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| MontaVista's portfolio contains three Linux editions:
>| Mobilinux, an edition optimized for use with mobile
>| handsets and other wireless mobile devices, Carrier Grade
>| Linux, designed for telecoms and other network companies,
>| and MontaVista Linux (Professional Edition) for other
>| kinds of embedded devices. 
> `----
> http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/82100/from/rss09
> This confirms that Siemens will be adopting Linux. Embedded
> devices are an area of huge growth for Linux. Microsoft and
> its allies can only threaten this unstoppable trend by
> patent trolling. 

Siemens Building Technologies group is a carry over from
Powers,  Landis & Gyr, then Staefa.  They have a premium
energy management control system (EMCS) for building
automation.  Linux on the Siemens desktop interface with
imbedded Linux running in the panels and subpanels would be a
nice enhancement for the whole system, especially with the 
added security and stability Linux brings.

One time I examined their variable air volume (VAV) controller 
innards.  PC board had a minimal of components and basically 
handled control of a VAV box to control the amount of air 
volume downstream.  Along with temperature and air pressure 
(velocity sensing) sensors, its also through bit banging 
handled the serial network communications back and forth to 
the unitary controller (type of subpanel).

It was a marvel of engineering, how they could keep down costs 
and maintain complete functionality.


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