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[News] More Good News for Linux-based Handset Devices

Esmertec And Yuhua TelTech Set New Benchmark With 1-stop Solution For
Linux-Based Mobile Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| Esmertec announced that Yuhua TelTech, a Chinese Independent Design
| House (IDH) for mobile devices, has chosen Esmertec's 1-stop solution
| for its Linux-based platform for mobile devices and smart phones. The
| platform will be shipped on Linux-based handset devices for the
| European and Chinese market at the end of December 2006.


Linux is becoming big in China's mobile industry. It is disruptive enough to
have had Ballmer mention it in yesterday's interview. Also yesterday, China
was said to have grabbed the number 2 spot for R&D. With hundreds of
millions of Linux phones you can imagine where that money will be spent.

Last week:

Chinese 3G TEM joins Mobile Linux Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| Chinese government-owned TEM (telecommunications equipment manufacturer)
| and handset vendor Datang Mobile has joined the OSDL (Open SourceD
| evelopment Labs) and will participate in the Mobile Linux Initiative
| (MLI) to improve the Linux kernel for mobile phones. Datang markets
| 3G infrastructure equipment and handset designs in China and
| globally. 


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