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[News] Linspire Linux Goes Global

Linspire Continues Global Expansion of Desktop Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linspire has announced the immediate release and digital availability
| of Linspire 5 in several languages: Deutsch (German), Dutch,
| Espanol, and Standard English (UK).



Linspire's Kevin Carmony Talks about the Viability of Linux Desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| Kevin Carmony, President and CEO of Linspire talks frankly about
| Linspire and Freespire, but also delves passionately into general
| topics of interest like: adoption of Linux Desktop in general,
| working with OEMs to pre-install Linux, bundling proprietary
| codecs and drivers in Linux distributions, enabling independent
| software vendors to port and sell applications to Linux users,
| and designing Linux distributions for the mass consumer market
| (which is of course what Linspire is all about).


Linspire Sweetens The Pot For System Builders

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux upstart and vehement Microsoft competitor Linspire,
| San Diego, is looking to shift the desktop market further
| into the Linux zone. Fueled by a new partner program
| and incentives for system builders, Linspire's
| objective is clear--ushering the Linspire OS into the
| market via the custom-system channel.


Portland lets desktop Linux roll for VARs

,----[ Quote ]
| My pharmacist got a Linux box this week.
| He didn't choose to run Linux. His Value Added Reseller (VAR)
| did. The new system connects with the same online resources
| as the old one, it has nifty black flat screen monitors, and
| the printer output looks better to patients.
| This is where desktop Linux is right now. It's in the hands
| of VARs, developers, integrators and vertical market
| specialists. Folks with specific industry knowledge
| connect specific customers to specific resources
| seamlessly, add their own proprietary tweaks, and
| sell the results on to small offices and small businesses.


Linspire is Moving (to a Bigger Place)

,----[ Quote ]
| We're doing everything we can to keep the impact to a minimum, but please
| be patient with any move-related delays or inconveniences as we move our
| entire office, staff, furniture and equipment.




Linspire Offers Free Services to Desktop Linux Users

,----[ Quote ]
| "On the heels of Freespire 1.0 and our free CNR Service, we are
| excited to now begin offering several free services to desktop
| Linux users," said Kevin Carmony CEO of Linspire.


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