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[News] 3-D GPS with Linux

New Linux chip targets 3D GPS apps

,----[ Quote ]
| 3Dlabs is demonstrating 3D GPS navigation applications on its
| newly unveiled media processor for mobile devices, at the
| Navigation USA tradeshow this week in San Jose, Calif. The
| demo uses GPS application software from NordNav, along with
| digital maps and content from Tele Atlas.



Navicore Plans Linux Support for Its GPS

,----[ Quote ]
| Finnish GPS developer Navicore Oy plans to extend its technology's OS 
| support, currently limited to Symbian, to Linux, with an announcement due
| in the next couple of months.


Linux hacked onto GPS-enabled PDA/phone

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux is running on E-Ten's G500, a PDA/phone with integrated GPS
| that ships with Windows Mobile. Along with the kernel, the EtenG500
| Linux project has HaRET (handset reverse-engineering tool) and the
| GPE palmtop environment working, opening the door for volunteers to
| enhance the device's Linux stack.


A truly open Linux phone with GPS debuts

,----[ Quote ]
| There have been a lot of phones claiming to be 'Linux phones' and
| those that do run a Linux kernel, but they all miss the point of
| Linux: to be open. FIC is about to change that in a big way with a
| truly open phone, the OpenMoko.


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