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[News] DRM Used to Exclude Mac and Linux Users

BitTorrent Video Store to be Infected with Windows DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Bram Cohen has confirmed in an interview that content on the
| upcoming BitTorrent Video Store is going to be loaded with
| Windows DRM, which means restrictions for all and Mac &
| Linux users are going to be left out in the cold.



You can help stop DRM in the UK:


Wal-Mart's Speeding Bullet

,----[ Quote ]
| Slow delivery times have proved that the digital video delivery
| revolution isn't exactly "faster than a speeding bullet."
| [...]
| The Wal-Mart offering isn't for everyone. In a nod to Microsoft
| loyalists, the downloads will only work on Windows XP systems and require 
| the latest version of Windows Media Player to watch.


DRM blanket goes mobile 

,----[ Quote ]
| Provider of digital rights management kit, Secure Digital Container,
| has today announced plans to bring next-gen DRM gear to over hundred
| different mobile devices.


Microsoft supplies mobile DRM in Japan, eyes everywhere else

,----[ Quote ]
| It appears that Microsoft may be positioning itself to make a run at
| grabbing control of the mobile digital rights management (DRM) market,
| having come to an agreement with Japan's NTT DoCoMo mobile phone company
| to standardize that provider's phones with Windows Media Audio and
| Windows Media DRM.


The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM

,----[ Gist ]
| 1. DRM doesn't prevent illegal use of files, it just makes it a bit
| more difficult to access them.
| 2. All it takes is one person to crack the file and it can be made
| available to everyone.
| 3. Anyone selling content on CD is already selling unprotected files 
| anyway.
| 4. DRM adds a lot of costs for content producers
| 5. There's a huge hidden cost in trying to sell DRM'ed content
| 6. Often the costs of the DRM are passed along to the consumer as well.
| 7. DRM-free content will play on your device of today and your device
| of tomorrow
| 8. Your media devices of the future will be significantly different than 
| your media devices of the present.
| 9. DRM fundamentally changes who is control of your media.
| 10. Whenever you buy DRM'ed content you support the system of DRM


BT Vision is go

,----[ Quote ]
| "We think most people are well behind us," said BT retail CEO
| Ian Livingstone. It was even able to wheel out ever erudite
| Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to eulogise the importance of an
| event "that fundamentally changes how consumers are entertained".
| BT chose Microsoft to provide the software powering Vision.


Beeb breaks out with Windows WMA protection

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a press release from Sonos, the blokes over
| at the Beeb have decided to jump ship for relying on
| Realplayer for web content, and have switched over
| entirely to the Windows-friendly WMA format. Now
| that the BBC has made The Big Switch, BBC radio
| stations will be received automatically for users
| of wireless music and radio provider Sonos.


EU regulator: Let consumers pick telecom standards

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Union's telecommunications watchdog has called for
| regulators to take a backseat in setting standards--and allow
| consumers to take the lead by picking the platform that offers
| the services they want.


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