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[News] Robotics and the Linux/Open Source Embrace

Build Your Own Robot

,----[ Quote ]
| IBM has embraced it, Microsoft is threatened by it, and some companies,
| including RedHat and Novell, have made it their primary focus. It's
| the open-source movement, and now another company, Motley Fool Rule
| Breakers recommendation iRobot (Nasdaq: IRBT), is seeking to apply
| the main principle of open source -- allowing users to view and modify
| one's software code -- to its own business.


Recent stories on Linux-based robots:

Linux Robots Rule at Wired NextFest

,----[ Quote ]
| What types of business models are the start-ups pursuing?
| Beyond its hybrid operating environment, Hanson Robotics
| also wants to retain a hybrid mix of open source and
| proprietary technology, according to the company's president.
| As David Hanson sees things, the ideal ratio is 70 percent
| open source, versus 30 percent proprietary.


Mark Tilden's RS Media exclusively available at Debenhams

,----[ Quote ]
| RS media combines Robosapien V2's features with some multimedia
| functionality -  a full colour LCD screen, a USB connector and MP3 and
| MP4 playback. RS Media can display and store data easily from your PC or
| play a song through the speakers in his hands. Using the Personality 
| editor, you can edit all his movements, sound files and video files.  
| You can even assign voice files or choreograph a routine to a favourite 
| dance track.


It's based on Linux.

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