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[News] Oracle Code = Swiss Cheese (No Eyeballs on Code)

Oracle Responds To Information Security Critics

,----[ Quote ]
| "We acknowledge all of the vulnerabilities at the time of the issuance
| of the appropriate fix and we credit security researchers for any
| vulnerability they discovered in the Critical Patch Update
| documentation," he said. "However, we do not credit security
| researchers who disclose the existence of vulnerabilities before
| a fix is available. We consider such practices, including disclosing
| zero-day exploits, to be irresponsible as they can result in
| needlessly exposing customers to risk of attack." 


That ought to abolish the myths which say Open Source databases are not
secure. They are merely more exposed to review, which gets flaws immediately


The Week of Oracle Database Bugs

,----[ Quote ]
| Based on the great idea of H D Moore  "Month of Browser Bugs" and LMH
| "Month of Kernel Bugs", we are proud to announce that we are starting
| on December the "Week of Oracle Database Bugs" (WoODB).
| What is the WoODB about?
| An Oracle Database 0day will be released every day for a week
| on December.


Software vulnerabilities higher than last year already

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of new software security vulnerabilities identified by
| security experts, hackers and others during the first eight months
| of this year has already exceeded the total recorded for all of 2005,
| according to Internet Security Systems.


>From the article, it's apparent that Microsoft suffers from many security
holes. Linux is barely even there (probably some local DDOS issues).

January:  Oracle (89); Microsoft (12); BEA Systems (12); IBM Lotus (11); ...

February: Microsoft (29); Linux kernel (14); Mozilla (12); IBM (11); myBB (9)

March:    Microsoft (18); Linux kernel (14); Mac OS X (14); Mantis (6) ...

April:    Oracle (36); Ethereal (27); Mozilla (26); Microsoft (20); Apple (9)

May:      Apple (32); Microsoft (13); BEA (11); Linux kernel (10); IBM (9)

June:     Microsoft (27); Mozilla (13); Cisco (10); Particle Soft (9); ...

July:     Oracle (65); Microsoft (55); Mozilla (14); Cisco (9); OpenCMS (9)

August:   Microsoft (32); Informix (16); Mac OS (16); IBM (8); JetBox CMS (8)

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