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[News] Tivoisation Revenged: TiVo DRM Cracked

TiVoToGo DRM cracked

,----[ Quote ]
| Megazone over at TiVo Lovers is reporting that someone's cracTiVoked
| the DRM on TiVoToGo, letting you export recorded programs from a TiVo
| for viewing on any device.


Another failure of DRM and another controversial company that exploits Linux.


RSA crypto attack poses threat to DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| Security researchers have developed a new approach to breaking the
| RSA algorithm that creates new problems for the development of
| effective rights management software.


How To Bypass The Zune's WiFi Sharing DRM

,----[Quote ]
| We knew it would be done sooner or later, and now that we have the
| mod to use your Zune as a portable hard drive, a method to bypass the
| Zune's WiFi sharing DRM is finally here.


UK's Anti-DRM petition:


The Top 10 Arguments Against DRM

,----[ Gist ]
| 1. DRM doesn't prevent illegal use of files, it just makes it a bit
| more difficult to access them.
| 2. All it takes is one person to crack the file and it can be made
| available to everyone.
| 3. Anyone selling content on CD is already selling unprotected files 
| anyway.
| 4. DRM adds a lot of costs for content producers
| 5. There's a huge hidden cost in trying to sell DRM'ed content
| 6. Often the costs of the DRM are passed along to the consumer as well.
| 7. DRM-free content will play on your device of today and your device
| of tomorrow
| 8. Your media devices of the future will be significantly different than 
| your media devices of the present.
| 9. DRM fundamentally changes who is control of your media.
| 10. Whenever you buy DRM'ed content you support the system of DRM


Is DRM good or bad for consumers?

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, many consumers don't understand DRM restrictions, and
| they're surprised when a CD that works on a home stereo can't be
| played somewhere else, she said. Vendors offer "little disclosure
| about how consumers can use" DRM-protected content, she said.


The Danger of DRM

,----[ Snippet ]
| Sony, having acquired Columbia Records in 1988, was now aligned behind
| music industry interests. It had long sought to replace the open MP3f
| ormat with its own ATRAC audio compression scheme in order to retain
| control over digital music files and limit the potential for music
| file sharing.


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