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[News] Vista Targets Wrong Crowd, Offers Eye Candy, Perils Productivity

Which crowd should Vista be after? 

,----[ Quote ]
| The way I see it, Microsoft is targeting the wrong crowd.
| With its flashy Aero theme, and parental controls, it seems
| more aimed to be purely aesthetical people, at not at the true
| business crowd. What the business crowd wants is an affordable
| upgrade price, flexible solutions, and minimal training
| required for the employees who are switching.
| Vista just ain't giving that. First of all, they apply a fancy
| theme, which although looking good, doesn't really do much
| except slow the computer down (a lot). Then, it adds many needless
| visual features. To top it off, a lot of businesses will need to
| upgrade their perfectly-fine-until-now computers to be able to
| support the new operating system.


Vista on laptops -- what an energy drainer.

Here's 'Aero Glass for Linux', been available for 2.5 years:



Windows Vista pricing favors PC upgrades

,----[ Quote ]
| While Microsoft's entry-level and upgrade prices might appear reasonable
| on paper to some, and little changed to the five-year-old Windows XP,
| there are a few clouds to this sliver lining. The first is the ability
| for machines running Windows XP to actually be able to run Windows Vista,
| as Microsoft's hardware guidance for new versions of Windows has tended
| historically towards the, ah, optimistic shall we say.
| [...]
| For consumers, Vista Home Basic does exactly what it says on the box -
|                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| you get the an OS, browser, search and parental controls but no sexy
|                                                              ^^^^^^^
| Aero interface and no Windows Media Center (for watching and recording
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| all those episodes of CSI: Miami, hooking up the Xbox 360, and
| viewing photos). Those little gems are reserved for users of Vista
| Home Premium, while Ultimate gives you all this plus additional power
| features from the business products like BitLocker encryption, support
| for domain group policy, and advanced and simplified networking.


Lo and behold!



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