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[News] Why Microsoft's Open XML is a Joke

Is Open XML a one way specification for most people?

,----[ Quote ]
| Who will implement Open XML correctly and fully? Maybe Microsoft.
| Why? Since it is essentially a dump into XML of all the data
| needed for all the functionality of their Office products and
| since those products are proprietary, only they will understand
| any nuances that go beyond the spec. The spec may illuminate
| some of the mistakes that have been made and are now being
| written into a so called standard for all to have to implement,
| but I'm guessing there might be a few other shades of meaning
| that will not be clear. Fully and correctly implementing Open
| XML will require the cloning of a large portion of Microsoft's
| product. Best of luck doing that, especially since they have
| over a decade head start. Also, since they have avoided using
| industry standards like SVG and MathML, you'll have to
| reimplement Microsoft's flavor of many things. You had
| better start now. So therefore I conclude that while Microsoft
| may end up supporting most of Open XML (and we'll have to
| see the final products to see how much and how correctly),
| other products will likely only end up supporting a subset. 


Related news from the past month:

MA Governor-Elect Names MS Anti-ODF Lobbyist to Technology Advisory Group


Why Free and Open Source Software is important to a global organization

,----[ Quote ]
| "Everybody uses Word, why use anything else it just causes trouble".
| This sentiment is very common today and is often repeated in one
| form or another as a justification to use Microsoft Products
| exclusively.
| To be fair there are organizations where this may in fact be the
| path of least resistance and in some cases may even be the right
| answer.
| However...
| In any GLOBAL organization there are several other factors that need
| to be considered before you decide it is just more convenient to use
| "Word". This is particularly true in a global organization dedicated
| to teaching the Bible. Why?
| Because by using the Word format you are indirectly forcing people to
| either spend money they do not have for MS Word licenses, or you are
| encouraging them to steal software from Microsoft by using pirated
| copies.
| Obviously both of these choices are unacceptable.


ODFReader - Firefox Extension for Reading OpenDocument Files

,----[ Quote ]
| The extension is still very early in development and needs more
| effort to further its progress. However, it could go a long way
| to help the spread of ODF. Currently it handles OpenDocument text
| files, in the future it will handle the other types too. It is
| released under the LGPL/GPL. This ODFReader Firefox extension makes
| use of an XSL file.


The Formula Issue in Detail (ODF)

,----[ Quote ]
| The concerns that ISO 26300 does not support Spreadsheet Formulas
| was a peculiar one. This commentary will show where this
| misunderstanding originates from***, and will hope to allay the
| fears. It will also go in technical detail in the two examples
| brought about from the Public Comment and TC4 presentation.
| Ultimately this commentary will dispel the myth that ISO 26300
| does not support Spreadsheet Formulas....We can conclude now that
| ISO 26300 does clearly specify a standard in describing formula
| specification, and the specification is not flawed in any way. As
| such we can continue to adopt ISO 26300 as a Malaysian Standard....I
|  would fully recommend Malaysia to adopt this mature standard as a 
| National Standard to increase the interoperability between the many
| office suites to provide more choice and competition for us users.


Corel Announces "Have it Your Way" Format Strategy

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently, the only ODF compliant product that includes large-vendor
| service is Sun's more recently developed StarOffice office suite.  And
| with the refusal of Microsoft to provide native support for saving to
| ODF, Microsoft customers will need to use plugins that have yet tor
| each the marketplace, and which may not provide completely seamless
| conversion.


Corel has a 'deal' with Microsoft, which is probably why it dropped Linux
support. It's just another Novell/Sun/SCO thing...

Florian Reuter's Weblog

,----[ Quote ]
| One very interesting area is OpenDocument Version 1.2. Currently
| the OpenDocument TC is working on the version 1.2 of OpenDocument
| which targets better interoperability. Very interesting and with
| great potential.
| Another interesting area is OpenOffice.org. I really believe we can
| improve OpenOffice.org?s interoperability by implementing OpenDocument
| Version 1.2 in OpenOffice. This is a community effort for sure, so I
| hope I can attract people participating in this effort.


ODF Alliance Hails Brazil, India, Italy, and Poland for Recognizing
OpenDocument Format

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), a broad
| cross-section of organizations, academia and industry dedicated
| to improving access to electronic government documents, today
| applauded Brazil's decision to recommend ODF as the government's
| preferred format; India's decision to use ODF at a major state
| government agency; and Italy's decision to recognize ODF as
| national standard.
| The Alliance also recognized Poland, too, for demonstrating serious
| interest in adopting ODF in the wake of a national meeting held for
| its government with broad participants from industry and non-profit
| agencies.


Novell statement on file formats for office applications

,----[ Quote ]
| We will also continue to contribute as part of the OASIS Open
| Document Format for Office Applications Technical Committee to
| enhance ODF and ensure that ODF standards are the premier file
| format standards for office applications.


Why OpenOffice.org uses OpenDocument

,----[ Quote ]
| The documents that our users and customers create with OpenOffice.org
| belong them, not us. They, not us, must be able to read or process them
| in the near, far, and very far future. And they, not us, must have the
| choice to use whatever application they want to do so. And they, not us,
| have to bear the consequences if this is not given.


China has its own open document format

,----[ Quote ]
| Put this in your pipe and smoke it: China has its own open document
| format, the Uniform Office Format (UOF), that they are working to
| harmonize with ODF...
| All the plotting and planning here in the US was for absolutely
| nothing. ODF wins.


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