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[News] Wintel Being Left Behind as AMD Quad Core Takes Crown

AMD aims to reclaim CPU crown with 2007 quad-core

,----[ Quote ]
| ...the puzzle is coming together and suggests that AMD may have a
| shot at trumping Intel by mid-2007, at least until the blue team
| rolls out 45 nm chips.


They are Linux supporters.

merry x-mas amd (KDE Developer gets present from AMD)

,----[ Quote ]
| A few weeks ago I got a call from John Terpstra (you might know him
| from his work with the Samba project) who is currently working at
| AMD. During the conversation he asked what I was using for a
| development desktop and I told him I was just using my laptop
| these days. So they sent out an AMD Athlon 64 system and
| it arrived yesterday.



AMD to Design Microprocessors with Linux and HP Blades

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD's engineering design environment is based on an open architecture
| run and managed with Linux and open source tools. The HP BladeSystem
| solution running Red Hat Enterprise Linux was proposed and implemented in 
| AMD's Sunnyvale...


AMD gains, Intel fights back on supercomputer list

,----[ Quote ]
| Advanced Micro Devices has gained ground on Intel in a list of the
| world's 500 fastest supercomputers, but Intel's new Xeon 5100"
| Woodcrest" processor has quickly carved out a place for itself.


AMD reveals its future plans 

,----[ Quote ]
| INQ "That brings the question of drivers. AMD has been a staunch supporter
| of Linux, while many users of ATI had a hay-ride with drivers for Linux
| operating system. Nvidia, as the prime competitor has support of Linux
| community, while every once a while we hear news about petitions to
| ATI, drivers not working as intended."
| Phil "AMD is driving the industry to an open world, and we focus our
| strengths and with combined approach, achieve what's best for
| development of the industry around us. All ISVs are important for us."


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