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[News] Novell Opened Its Doors to Divide and Conquer Strategy

Divide to rule?

,----[ Quote ]
| Since, the eighties, Microsoft has been at loggerheads with some
| or the all the IT companies. It is renowned for the subversive
| tactics that it employs to nullify opposition. "Embrace, Extend,
| Exterminate" is supposedly the corporate philosophy that it lives
| by. In its three decade of existence, innumerable companies have
| either been gobbled up or simply run out of existence. Gates (and
| now Steve Ballmer, the CEO) do not look kindly at competition.
| Sun, Oracle, Apple, IBM, you name it, all have been detractors of
| Microsoft. Google was one of the few companies that was able to
| steal a march over Microsoft and establish itself as a leader
| in the online space. Yet, one of Microsoft's favorite bugbears
| has been a product company with a cute penguin as its
| trademark, Linux.
| The open source movement is an anathema to Microsoft. The
| company propagates proprietary systems and is loathe to giving
| anything away for free or even opening itself.
| 'Halloween documents' is the name given to internal Microsoft
| memos that were leaked to the open source community in 1998.
| It is a revealing commentary on how Microsoft perceives
| competition, mainly Linux kernel-based operating systems.
| The memos dub open source software as 'a growing long-term
| threat to Microsoft's dominance of the software industry.'


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