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[News] Another Open Source iPod Competitor?

Will Calacanis build a better iPod?

,----[ Quote ]
| "As Dave points out any hint of DRM and the project is over. We
| don't need any VC money to do this Dave. We just produce the best
| player and make 1,000 of them--all presold. The money comes to us
| first and we don't have to put up *ANY* money. After we get 1,000
| made we do version 2 six months later and produce 10,000 of them.
| If that sells out we do 100,000. We are not doing this for the
| money anyway... if it becomes a 10,000 device a year company and
| we break even I'm fine with that--I just want a better player!"
| A DRM-less player, wi-fi enabled and open-source style hackable
| could be the Zune everyone wanted and Microsoft failed to
| deliver. It remains to be seen (and frankly, isn't very likely)
| whether Calacanis will push forward with his new ideas but, the
| fact is he's gotten people talking about the future of portable
| entertainment and that alone is a productive exchange.



Wizpy Linux based media player

,----[ Quote ]
| Media player wispy from Turbolinux Corporation is a Linux based media
| player. With a 1.7" OLED liquid crystal display and 4GB flash memory
| the media player comes with pre installed Linux system.


Archos (Linux-based) 604 WiFi Ultimate Gallery: Why It's a Zune Challenger

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zune, which comes out next week, isn't the only WiFi media player
| out there, remember. The Archos 604 is here today, and I think the
| Archos might be better by some measures. Simply said, the
| 4.3-inch touchscreen is perfect, and extremely fingerprint
| resistant.


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