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[News] Microsoft Pushes Its Proprietary PDF Rival

Windows Vista Product Guide: Free to Download, $149 to Read

,----[ Quote ]
| 'Windows Vista Product Guide' was released in two formats:
| Microsoft Office Word 2007
|     The standard .doc format isn't good enough, you need to be able to
|     read a .docx file, so all those users of Office XP are just plain
|     out of luck on 
|     this one.
|     What the heck is XPS? I hadn't heard of it before now, (a quick
|     Google tells me XPS is Microsoft's proprietary rival to PDF)
|     but apparently you need a special reader for it (which is
|     kindly enough built into Vista, but nothing else). 



PDF and XPS: When Acronyms Compete

,----[ Quote ]
| Right now, Adobe is working with European regulators, according to
| published reports. Lawsuit is another option being considered by the
| San Jose, Calif.-based company.
| [...]
| XPS removal from Office 2007 would suggest that Microsoft feared
| Adobe could make at least a seemingly legitimate legal complaint.
| The brunt of lawsuits has been against Windows, not Office. Microsoft
| would want to keep Office out of the line of legal fire.


Microsoft's PDF-killer heads towards standards body

,----[ Quote ]
| There's no doubt about it: Adobe's Portable Document Format---better
| known as PDF---is a choice tool for digital document delivery. Some
| might say that it's the tool for delivering complex documents to wide
| array of users, as its design allows for faithful rendering on any
| platform that supports PDF---application issues, font problems,
| layout quirks, etc., need need not apply.
| Enter Microsoft...


Adobe could still sue Microsoft: paper

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's new Vista software, due to be released early next
| year, contains a version of fixed document formats which would
| compete with Adobe's PDF format. Microsoft has pledged to make
| changes to its version.


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