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[News] Microsoft Still Trying to Directly Sabotage Linux Migrations

Editor's Note: Shuckin' and Jivin'

,----[ Quote ]
| This is something Microsoft must know is coming, which is why it is
| trying to discredit any existing efforts to deploy Linux in schools,
| like ACCESS. Fortunately in this case, we don't have to buy what
| they are trying to sell.


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Fighting Claims That Open Source Is Insecure?

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately there has been a HUGE push by Certified Microsoft
| Professionals and their companies to call clients and warn
| them of the dangers of open source. This week I received calls
| from 4 different customers that they were warned that they are
| dangerously insecure because they run Open Source Operating
| systems or Software because 'anyone can read the code and hack
| you with ease' they are being told. Other colleagues in the area
| also have noticed this about 3 Microsoft Partners or so they claim
| have been going out of their way to strike fear of OSS in
| companies that respond with 'yes we use Open source or Linux'
| when the sales call comes in.


Microsoft denies role in Birmingham Linux flop

,----[ Quote ]
| Laurent Lachal, senior analyst at Ovum, said, "Microsoft is going out
| of its way to lower prices to get deals. If it lowers it to the point
| where it makes no sense to deploy open source, then it is a good deal
| for the organisation."
| Bob Griffiths, international secretary at SOCITM, the association for
| public sector IT professionals which supported the Birmingham project
| through the Open Source Academy, acknowledged that Microsoft had
| been "involved in negotiations" with the council. He said that he was
| unsure whether Birmingham had gained an advantage through its Linux
| pilot in bargaining with Microsoft, but added that other councils
| had successfully used that tactic.


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