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[News] KDE Marks OpenUsability Milestone

Looking Back on Three Years of OpenUsability with Jan Mühlig

,----[ Quote ]
| The Season of Usability, which Ellen initiated, which thus far
| has been very successful is a clear sign that we are on the
| right track. The other important thing coming up will be to
| launching the new OpenUsability platform which should very
| much ease collaboration.


Long-time users of KDE will know that it's more usable and effective than
many, if not all, of its counterparts. It should take long to learn, either.


Season of Usability

,----[ Quote ]
| Season of Usability 2006/2007 is part of a series of sponsored
| student projects to encourage students of usability, user-interface
| design, and interaction design to get involved with
| Free/Libre/Open-Source Software (FLOSS) projects.


Here are some nice videos that demonstrate ongoing work on usability...

,----[ Quote ]
| Below are videos that we have taken of user tests. Please consider
| when watching the videos, that they may touch on many parts of the
| desktop. For example, a test that deals with changing the background
| may involve Nautilus or GNOME Control Center. In other words, there
| is a lot to learn from these videos!


Ubuntu Unveils 'Edgy Eft' Linux Update

,----[ Quote ]
| "From a usability standpoint, I can only say good things,"
| said 451 Group Senior Analyst Nick Selby. "The Ubuntu development
| team has done simply a great job demonstrating that free software
| and open source software can be combined for a platform that is
| every bit as polished and usable as a proprietary one."


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