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[News] Linux and OEM's in 2007

Outlook 2007: Linux and Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Next year will be a big one for Linux, with new platforms
| and opportunities in the data center.  
| [...]
| Much more interesting, we hope, will be next year's vendor
| activities surrounding desktop Linux.
| While Linux is well positioned, featurewise, to give Windows a
| run for its money in 2007, what the platform still lacks is the
| sort of OEM support model that Windows enjoys.
| It's nearly impossible to buy a PC without a bundled Windows
| license, which makes Windows effectively free for most
| buyers and erodes the Linux price advantage--particularly
| since most enterprise or business user oriented desktop
| Linux options come with per machine fees attached.
| In addition, Microsoft's practically exclusive relationships
| to PC OEMs ensures that vendor efforts to provide working
| drivers remain trained almost solely on Windows.
| Linux distributions have grown quite good over the past
| few years at making their way onto PCs without the help of OEMs. 


Unisys argues that many OEM's will preinstall Linux in the year to come.
Microsoft's scare tactics, which exclude competition and keep it out of the
consumer's sight, will no longer work.

Unisys Predicts 2007 Open Source Trends

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Unisys experts, 2007 will be the year that open source 
| software attains the architectural backing and distribution channels needed 
| to gain acceptance from enterprise customers as a front-rank vehicle for 
| deploying enterprise applications to drive business growth and innovation 
| at a lower cost per transaction.


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