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[News] OpenOffice.org Rewards Community for Contributions

OpenOffice.org announces contest winners

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenOffice.org has announced the winners of its template and
| clipart contest. The judges distributed a total of five cash
| prizes totalling $1,700 for templates, and three cash prizes
| totalling $1,300 for clipart, as well as two Honorable
| Mentions for templates. In addition, the project will
| send T-shirts and other OpenOffice.org merchandise to many
| of the other entrants.


How does Microsoft reward its contributers and testers? Free licences. Any
dough? Zilch. Oh, wait. We don't need licenses for Free software, so we get
the keep the money...


100,000,000 OpenOffice.org fans can't be wrong

,----[ Quote ]
| Simon's official response explained the business rationale behind
| offering support for OpenOffice.org: "OpenOffice.org has become
| phenomenally successful, Sun alone has shipped more than 70 million
| copies of OpenOffice.org 2.0," he said. "Out there, there
| are maybe 100 million copies of OpenOffice.org. It would be
| senseless to ignore that opportunity."


I have been installing OpenOffice from the Ubuntu CD-ROM, so given that
others do likewise, the number of installations can easily exceed that
conservative estimate.

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