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Re: [News] New Automatic Updates Brick XBox 360's

On Fri, 01 Dec 2006 21:21:22 +0000, Mark Kent wrote:

> begin  oe_protect.scr
> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> Autoupdate killed my 360!
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| I was fine yesterday gaming with the VGA cable but after getting | the
>>autoupdate today, I get a black screen. Does Microsoft test | these
>>things? My connection to the TV didn't change yet its | screwed. Thanks
>>for nothing Microsoft.
>> `----
>> http://forum.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?t=489979
> Oh gawd - how could anyone be dumb enough to allow Microsoft to
> auto-update their xbox?  Haven't they learnt yet?

It must be the same people for whom the Ubuntu Update clobbered their
Linux boxes.

Won't these Linux people ever learn?


Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and youâll see many
installation and various related threads just cropping up with problems.
Not just noob problems, but people that are pretty knowledgable about
linux, about how to fix things when they break, and theyâre left
clueless with Edgy. I am one of them. Iâve been a long time Ubuntu fan,
and to some regards I still am but I surely donât see them as Linuxâs
saving grace any longer. I canât tell everyoneâs story, but I can tell
my own. And i hope the devs at Ubuntu are listening.

First off let me state, this release is supposed to be âedgyâ, but i
didnât know by edgy they meant playing with a toy thatâs been through
a woodschipper, now laced with sharp edges for you to cut yourself on.
Also let me state that doing a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade has worked for me
many times before but itâs always assumed much can go wrong as to
compared to a clean install. As Ubuntuâs base grows, as fanboys on digg,
slashdot, and the blogosphere tout the apt-get dist-upgrade as a wonderful
feature to trample having to do full installs of Windows, disc after disc,
the devs should listen and make sure their crap is together before
releasing a product.

The Download
I started my dist-upgrade approximately at 4:30pm on Wednesday, it
estimated about 2 hours for install. I was a happy camper. I couldnât
wait for faster bootup and shutdown times, i couldnât wait for new
artwork, volume support on my keyboard FINALLY among other things.

6:30 came along, and it still said 2 hours left. 10:30 came along and it
still said the same. 9AM the next day, same thing. 2:30pm the next day,
yet still saying the same. The install didnât complete until about
5:00pm the following day. Over 24 hours for a download and install of the
packages need on my Kubuntu system. But the wait was finally over. My
Kubuntu Edgy system was restarting.

Apparently with the new Xorg, nvidia and ATI cards are useless on an
upgrade. I have all the proper drivers installed. My xorg.conf is
configured correctly, but my computer now wonât start X. I tried and
tried again, posted on the forums to no avail. There doesnât seem to be
an answer about why my nvidia card no longer will allow X to start.

With proper drivers, xorg configured correctly, even reconfiguring the
xorg-server, nothing is elliviating this problem. Taking a look around the
forums and thereâs a ton of threads like mine or similar to mine where
cards simply donât work on an dist-upgrade of Edgy with the new xorg.

I have given up on this for now and reverted back to my i810 onboard video

Upgrading to Old Software?
A minor annoyance for sure, but days before the Edgy upgrade I decided to
go with Gaim 2.0 beta 4. Upon the Edgy upgrade, Ubuntu recognized this as
older software that needed to be replaced by Gaim 2.0 beta 3. Can Ubuntu
not see what version numbers software is before removing it?

Even after going through the beta 4 install AGAIN, ubuntu still wants to
replace it with beta 3 upon a sudo apt-get upgrade. So basically until
they decide to put beta 4 in the repoâs I have to go without updates.

Look and Feel of GTK apps in Kubuntu Edgy In dapper, GTK apps of course
always looked a little out of place in KDE as usual. This is no new thing
to anyone, and I wish I had before and after screenshots to show you what
Iâm talking about here. But in dapper, I was able to make it consistent
looking enough that it suited me just fine. In Edgy? No matter what theme
I use for GTK, it looks like crap in Firefox and GAIM.

Firefoxâs menuâs were a pale white, just like the rest of my KDE
theme, but when running a mouse through them they would turn to a puke
brown leaving a discoloured menu. This was with the right click menuâs,
as well as File, Edit, View, etc.. I personally like the Firefox 2.0 theme
and donât want to switch themes in order to make it look decent. But I
decided to play anyways. Theme after theme I downloaded (when i could find
themes that were 2.0 compatible) and theme after theme I ran into the same
problem. I tried every option in Appearance for GTK look, and nothing.

The only thing that fixed this was a clean install of Mozillaâs build of
Firefox 2.0. Again, unacceptable.

Boot and Shutdown Screens
Well after my switch to the i810 onboard video I can no longer see boot up
screens or shutdown screens. I just get a lot of blackness. One of the
petty, but main reasons I upgraded was for a bit nicer eye candy and a lot
of good artistic work went into those screens. Personally I like my box to
look a bit shiny while still being functional, the GTK apps aside, now I
have no startup or bootup screens. Again, the forum was unable to help.

GUI File Manager Disaster
Now hereâs the real kicker. I do have Nautilus installed, and Thunar,
and Konqueror. All 3 file managers, while running as a regular user, or
gksudo.. can only see my home directory. If i attempt to go above that
directory, or even type â/â in Konqâs address bar, i get a folder
iâve never seen before containing my Home directory and a media
directory for removable media. But nothing else. In no way shape or form
do I have a GUI way to reach /etc, /var, /usr, etc..

Going through a terminal, I can view all directories just fine. But
thatâs not the point of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is made to be easier than most
distrobution. This isnât Gentoo. I shouldnât have to use the command
line every single time I need to access a folder for administrative
purposes. Theming GAIM on my own now, is a giant pain in the ass for
instance. Surely this is something I can work around, but itâs highly
annoying and also just confusing as to how this could even happen.

How does it effect all file managers? As root? As a regular user?

Multimedia Woes

Wow, and where to begin here. Mp3 support that I once had is now gone. As
is mpg, avi, wmv, mov, you name it. Kdemultimedia will no longer preview
video files in Konq any longer. They wonât play in totem, kaffine,
mplayer, not even good olâ trusty vlc. Thank god automatix2 to help out
but even that didnât solve all my problems. Automatix has made it so VLC
can now play aviâs. I can now listen to my mp3s in beep media player.
But not amarok. WMVs are completely unplayable in all media players now,
and it even crashes VLC. Kaffeine and totem have been rendered completely
useless. And DVDs will no longer play. And get this, not even OGGs play.


My conclusion, unless youâre doing a clean install, donât bother with
Edgy. Itâs Ubuntuâs single most worthless product. They have a great
community, great philosophy, a great operating system, but Edgy fails. At
least in Dapper or below, Windows or OS X (and other *nix distroâs) I
can fix most of what goes wrong during an install. This, is just mind
blowing. 23 hours to download an upgrade thatâs more littered with
problems than anything Iâve ever seen out of Canonical. I donât know
what the devs were thinking in this regard, but when you have community
response about their upgrade going this bad, you might want to hold off on
releasing a product that soon and ensure a wee bit more stability and, i
dunno, maybe bandwidth to cover the download process you know thousands of
people will participate in.

Iâll stick with Ubuntu because I believe in the community and the
company behind it, but right now.. I wish a BSOD and spyware was what I
was facing. Honestly, Dapperâs first beta was more stable than this. I
truly feel like Ubuntu took a step backwards today

To Be Continued?

Now iâm off to backup my Kmail, Firefox bookmarks, home folder, my
customized gaim theme, sources file, among many other things and to start
anew now that my system is completely ruined. And iâm going to start
with a fresh install of Edgy and see how it goes. Itâs downloading now.
Maybe this is just related to the fact i dist-upgraded, thatâs what the
community keeps telling me. God I hope a clean install doesnât suffer
the same fate, otherwise, innocent babies will die.

Digg This

Edit: Seems the folks over at Slashdot agree.


Looks to me like Linux automatic or manual updates really suck........

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