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[News] Businesses Won't Embrace Vista Until SP1, But SP1 Not Coming...

What's the deal with Vista Service Pack 1?

,----[ Quote ]
| In response to a press question about SP1, Ballmer told attendees of
| the "New Day for Business" Vista/Office 2007 launch in New York
| that Microsoft has "no current schedule" for SP1, because the
| company is awaiting customer feedback before crafting it.
| [...]
| I've talked to more than a few business customers leading up to
| the Vista business launch. Many still say they are unwilling to
| deploy any Microsoft operating system before SP1 ships.


More reasons for business to stop relying on the Microsoft product cycle
(which also involves hardware requirements). The funny thing is that
hardware manufacturers, even Intel, help fund Vista because they want people
to throw their old gear out...

Technology eliminating customer waste (WSJ)

"The gist is that the Internet has enabled consumers to pay for what they
want, rather than what various industries try to sell them... Open source is
one more way that customers are choosing to buy what they need, rather than
what a vendor needs to sell. Open source is very much a fulfillment of the
positive force in Clayton Christensen's "innovator's dilemma"


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