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[News] Microsoft Still Stangnant in India

The Rush For Indian Tech Stocks

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has been trying to get market share for Windows in
| India by releasing versions of Windows XP at cheaper prices in
| Indian Languages. Microsoft has gone on record saying that
| internet services will play a very important role for them
| moving forward, and has stated that they will be spending
| around $1B throughout 2007 getting MSN up to par.
| MSN's home page in India has picked up popularity very slowly
| having a Google Page Rank of 3 [even StockRumors.com has a PR
| of 4!]. An acquisition of Rediff.com would help them furtheri
| n their conquest of India, giving them an upper-hand in the
| competition with Google and Yahoo.



Tux's progress

,----[ Quote ]
| As it happens, in an independent study earlier this year of over 200
| Linux enterprises, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) argued the
| opposite. Sophisticated management tools, the research argued, allow
| Linux management to be fast, effective and inexpensive, with far
| lower acquisition costs...
| Life Insurance Corporation now has nearly 70,000 Linux desktops, which
| may reach the one lakh figure soon. Prominent banks like HDFC and Canara
| are toying with Linux desktops. Besides, every major hardware player
| is bundling Linux as the primary desktop OS to save costs...



Microsoft Traps and Hunts for Bloggers in India !!

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has announced the "Microsoft BlogStars" contest, to Hunts
| for Developer Bloggers in India. After feeling the power and increase of
| the Bloggers community in India, Microsoft tries to trap and hunt Bloggers
| in India to buildup the blogging community, for writing blog posts
| supporting towards Microsoft Technologies.


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