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[News] New Maya Release Available for GNU/Linux 32/64 bit

Maya 8 Features and Release Notes

,----[ Quote ]
| Key New Features & Enhancements
| 64-bit Release (Windows and Linux platforms)
| Maya 8 marks the first full release of Maya with both 32-bit and
| 64-bit (Windows® and Linux®) executables. It allows you to
| address considerably more memory than you could in the past,
| enabling you to handle larger and more complex scenes than
| ever before.


Less software that keeps our friends stuck with Windows... are AutoCAD and
Photoshop next?



Why Flash 9 for Linux is taking so long

,----[ Quote ]
| The good news is that, going forward, Linux shouldn't be out of sync
| with other platforms again. Betlem says that Adobe is planning to
| "simultaneously deliver Windows, Mac, Linux in unison. It's not our
| intention to have a delta between ship dates" for Flash 10.



Open source creeps into mapping software

,----[ Quote ]
| "This was a strategic way of creating a much bigger market than we could
| have ever created with a closed-source product," he added.
| With an open source product on its cards, Zeiss said Autodesk is also
| following the footsteps of other open-source software vendors--that is,
| to charge for premium services and support. 


It might work one day. Unless, of course, Microsoft buys Autodesk and Adobe
and gives them the same treatment as Corel (and perhaps Novell). Microsoft
works on competing formats to Flash and PDF, among other things.

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