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Re: [News] Linux Kernel Approaching Perfection

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on 1 Dec 2006 01:02:28 -0800
> Is There Perfection in The Linux Kernel?
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | In a perfect world, you could compile a brand-new Linux kernel
> | without the need for much configuration and without error.
> |
> | According to Linus Torvalds, the new 2.6.19 Linux kernel is such
> | an entity.
> |
> | "It's one of those rare "perfect" kernels," Torvalds wrote in a
> | Linux kernel mailing list posting announcing the new kernel.
> `----
> http://www.internetnews.com/article.php/3646456

Uh huh.  Unless he's removed most of the configuration
entries for every device and sundry from there, I'd say
"no, it's not quite there yet".  :-)

The good news: the user needn't be concerned about those
devices unless he actually has those devices.  Of course
the bad news is that he might have to take inventory on
his system -- an issue if he was just handed a system with
no documentation.

I'll admit if this report is true I'll have to see if I
can get 2.6.19 to do UML; I've had problems in that area
with earlier kernels.

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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