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Re: Analysis of the Linux-Microsoft Relationship

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Microsoft vs. Linux: An Updated Perspective
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Initially Microsoft really didn't seem to take OSS or Linux
> | seriously, which clearly wasn't the wisest tactic. Having lost
> | track of their own progress down a path blazed by IBM a decade
> | earlier, Microsoft was happily plodding along, systematically
> | destroying the bridge of trust that existed between itself
> | and its customers.
> `----
> http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/article.php/3646326

I ought to point out that this was written by a shill (Rob Enderle).

Microsoft Xbox to Join the Battle for Video Downloading

,----[ Quote ]
| Editors' Note: November 10, 2006, Friday An article in Business
| Day on Tuesday described a decision by Microsoft to offer
| movies and episodes of television shows for downloading
| through its Xbox Live online service in the United States.
| The article quoted Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the
| Enderle Group, discussing the features that set Xbox Live
| service apart and its position in the market.
| But the article did not note that Mr. Enderle had Microsoft
| as a client, a fact later pointed out by a reader. Mr. Enderle does
| consulting work for several of Microsoft's product groups, though
| not for the one developing the Xbox; still, had The Times known
| of Mr. Enderle's work for Microsoft, it would not have sought
| out his opinion on the product.


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