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[News] Associated Press Praises the $100 Linux Laptop

Low-Cost Laptop Could Transform Learning

,----[ Quote ]
| Forget windows, folders and boxes that pop up with text. When
| students in Thailand, Libya and other developing countries get
| their $150 computers from the One Laptop Per Child project in
| 2007, their experience will be unlike anything on standard PCs.
| [...]
| To keep costs and power demands low, XO uses a slim version of the Linux 
| operating system, a 366-megahertz processor from Advanced Micro Devices 
| Inc. and no hard disk drive.


As the photo suggests, these laptops should go into every school, even in the
developed world. There is evidence to show that Microsoft has tried FUD,
astroturfing (including analysts), braishwash and lobbying to sabotage
acceptance and harm/damage common perception of the laptop.


(Video) OLPC XO Runs Super Mario Bros.

,----[ Quote ]
| Not only can the OLPC run Doom flawlessly, it can also emulate (?)
| the Mario Bros. games. Previously known as the $100 laptop, the OLPC
| boasts a 500mhz Processor, Linux OS, 1GB Memory, and a Two-Mode
| Display (Color and B&W). Video after the jump.


Celebrate like it's 1990.

OLPC XO ($100 Laptop) running Doom

,----[ Quote ]
| Linuxlookup continues to receive requests for an evaluation of the
| $100 laptop. I've personally sent countless replies to individuals
| politely explaining the initiative behind OLPC, trust me, if we're
| ever going to do a review it will be announced on the front page.


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